Mélange is a place to order specialized creations. Creations by designers manufactured individually using 21st-century creation techniques. This isn’t your corner trinket store, or big time jewelry store. This is the elite of the custom manufacturing world. A home to finished creations of a unique nature. Not mass produced, but created.

Having been immersed in both the mass production sector as well as the custom manufacturing revolution, I saw a need for a
professional marketplace. Mélange is that place.


Custom Design

Mélange is here to help you make your world unique to your styles and ideas. Whether it be a modification to something we currently offer, or something completely new. Contact us today to see how we can help you shape your world.

Laser Etching

With our laser etching capabilities, we can personalize almost any glass, wood, or plexiglass item. From drinkware and crab mallets to vases and mirrors. If we don’t already offer it, contact us, and we’ll make it happen

3D Printing

From on site prototype production, to finished products in Steel, Plastic, Precious Metals, Porcelain, or Full color statues. Mélange can help you from design to final unique piece

3D scanning

The future of photography is here! We can turn an instant into an everlasting memory. Instead of hanging them on the wall, or putting them in a book to pull out to show your friends, you can put these statues as a centerpiece on your table, or on your fireplace mantel, and hold a memory in your hand.